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Integrating a Headless CMS with NextJS

Jamstack sites have become increasingly popular for enhancing web performance and their ease in scalability. In this talk, I will address how integrating a Headless CMS with the popular Jamstack framework: Next JS can provide a better and more collaborative workflow.

Ifeoma is a frontend Engineer with experiences that include Developer community management and developer education, she enjoys talking about topics related to the frontend and web performance.

She is also strongly interested in advocating for women in technology and this has brought her to volunteer as the Chapter Lead for Frontend Foxes Nigeria for the past two years and volunteer as a mentor for two different tracks with She Code Africa. Currently, she also serves as a Developer Educator at the Frontend Foxes Bootcamp.

When not working full-time, she is either reading, drawing mandalas or wondering if color orange was named after the fruit or the fruit orange was named after the color orange.

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