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The Future of WordPress is Jamstack. Say what now?

WordPress seems like the total opposite of Jamstack, and is often used to explain what Jamstack is not, i.e. “My Jamstack site is so fast and secure, it’s nothing like WordPress!” (said every Redditor ever ☺). And yet, WordPress developers (yes, there is such a thing) are enthusiastically exploring tooling and solutions for enabling the 39% of the internet running on WordPress to also benefit from the joys of the Jamstack. In this talk we’ll look at where WordPress is right now vis a vis the Jam, and what challenges lie ahead.

Miriam co-founded and built Strattic to bring an innovative and comprehensive approach to WordPress security and performance to the web at large. After being acquired by Elementor, Miriam continued to lead the Strattic unit until recently when she took on the role of Head of WordPress Relations at Elementor to act as a liaison between Elementor and the greater WordPress ecosystem.

Prior to founding Strattic, Miriam founded and managed one of Israel’s leading WordPress development agencies, which was also subsequently acquired. In both of the companies she founded, Miriam and her team worked with top executives and enterprise organizations to help them build and deploy effective web presences.

With over fifteen years of experience in the web and WordPress industry, Miriam is an active member of the WordPress community and WordCamp organizer, as well as a recognized expert and global speaker.

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