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Future of WebXR API's and Data Visualization

We are gathering more data than ever before. Are we able to analyze and learn from it? Are we able to access the data in the right context? We have a lot of ways to analyze and visualize data on the web today. Now we have the capability to have the visualizations and data we need at the right time and right place. WebXR APIs allow us to create Augmented Reality applications that can integrate the virtual data into our world. Unlike Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality doesn’t require us to be immersed in a different world but extend real world. With the new APIs possibilities are endless. Let’s take a look at how to get started with the next generation of user experience on the web.

If you are asking yourself “what is the WebXR APIs anyways?”, “What happened to WebVR?” and “I am not a game developer, would I ever use the WebXR APIs?” this talk will answer all your questions. Maybe even get you excited about being a web developer today!

Aysegul is a Senior Azure Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft. Aysegul, focuses on Spatial Computing, Mixed Reality, AI, Angular and Data Visualization. She is a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies & Angular and an active conference speaker. She previously worked as Senior Software Engineer at, Autodesk Play, a 3D and VR authoring tool and A360 Viewer and A360 Drive. She enjoys teaching at a variety of non-profit organizations aiming to increase diversity in the software industry. She is the co-founder of code4good, an organization with the goal of helping people to contribute to open source. Previously she led Women Who Code meetups, Girl Develop It workshops and was a CTO at AnnieCannons, a bootcamp dedicated to teach tech skills to human trafficking survivors.

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