Love is Blind: Falling in Love with the Command Line and GitHub CLI

You can also view the full event recording on Crowdcast. This session starts at 3:38.

In a world filled with sexy user interfaces, understanding and even learning to love the command line can be your most understated tool as a developer. In this talk, I’ll share my CLI love story and the reasons why learning to love the command line syntax, basic utilities and file structures has made a better technologist.

At the end of this talk, you’ll have a bag full of neat tricks and CLI tools to improve your workflows and a clear understanding of how GitHub CLI can supercharge your CLI experience….and maybe, just maybe, you might even fall in love.

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Andrea Griffiths

Community Specialist at GitHub

Andrea Griffiths is a Community Support Hype Woman with over a decade experience in customer management, success and support. Currently a Community Specialist at GitHub, Andrea is customer obsessed, and an effective advocate for all users. Andrea is a super fan of OSS and the unlimited power of community.