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Everything is a shortcode

Shortcodes are a humble concept in static site generation: call a function with some arguments, get a string of HTML, slide that HTML into your document. It’s the OG approach to reusing content across markdown, liquid, and more. But what if we dreamed bigger than “just HTML?” What if our shortcodes could generate optimized images on our file system? Turn React / Vue / Svelte components into markup? Heck, even hydrate these components on the client, Astro-style? With tools like 11ty + Slinkity, we can turn short(of your ambitions)codes into dreamcodes for the modern Jamstack world.

I’m a developer / designer / blogger exploring how the web works. In my spare time, I love arguing why CSS is a programming language, drowning in Japanese city pop, and using whatever framework looks the shiniest ✨

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