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Managing Media Without a Server

As the web becomes more visual, media is growingly becoming a vital part of any development project. While we might have the displaying of images and videos covered, media management like uploading and organization can get tricky and messy if you’re not managing your media mangement in a sane way. So how do we manage it all? Dev tech is a moving target, solidifying the need for manageable tooling, on top of needing the ability for our infrastructure components to easily communicate, providing a consistent experience for our visitors.

We’ll see how we can take advantage of serverless functions and APIs to pull in Cloudinary, a media experience platform, to give us the tools to build full stack applications that leverage media to deliver high quality experiences for our visitors from secure uploads to media analysis.

Learning by doing is the best way to learn and it’s how Colby Fayock helps others learn Javascript, React, and the static web. His work includes technical writing, videos on YouTube, courses on, two books, and working with the development community as a Developer Experience Engineer at Cloudinary.

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