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The Power of YES Against Imposter Syndrome

From “AWS newbies” to AWS Community Leader

As a Special Education teacher turned Helpdesk Engineer turned SysAdmin, a lot of my career has hinged on me learning on the job, and saying “Yes” to opportunities, despite feeling 150% unprepared. When I created in Summer 2018, I barely understood what “Cloud Computing” was. To study for my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, I created a blog based on my study notes. Few months later, I was working on my first course for the “Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers” series with LinkedIn Learning.

In Summer 2019, I quit my job as a sysadmin at a tech startup in NYC to work as a freelance Technical Writer and Technical Instructor. I focus on creating jargon-free documentations and resources to help break down technical concepts for people with non-traditional tech backgrounds. That fall, I was invited to attend AWS re:Invent on an “AWS Community Leaders Grant,” and was also one of 3 subjects selected to be filmed throughout the conference for AWS’s “Day in the Life” project.

Though my whole career in tech was filled with imposter syndrome as someone with a non-technical background, I’ve come to embrace the “unknown” as something I don’t know…. Yet. Every day, I’m learning something new, and being able to accept that I don’t know something… yet! has been one of the core principles that has taken me from a Junior Helpdesk Engineer in 2015 to someone who can mold her own “dream career” in 2019.

Hiro Nishimura is the founder of,, and She teaches “Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers” courses at LinkedIn Learning. She is a Special Education Teacher turned IT professional, starting her career in Tech with no formal technical education. She worked for a few years in helpdesk and as a sysadmin before making her leap to working as a Freelance Technical Writer, Consultant, and Instructor. Combining her backgrounds as a teacher and an IT engineer, she strives to help bring people with diverse backgrounds into tech by creating jargon-free resources.

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