Recordings tagged career


Using the DevRel Force with Raymond Camden

Erin and Brian are joined by Raymond Camden, Senior Developer Evangelist for Adobe, about his long, storied history in DevRel and his unabashed love of everything Star Wars.

  • Raymond Camden

DevRel, DevOps and Java with Melissa McKay

Erin and Brian are joined by Melissa McKay, head of developer relations at jFrog about developer relations, engineering and the Java community.

  • Melissa McKay

Broadening Access to Opportunities with Jay Miller

Erin and Brian are joined by Jay Miller, developer advocate at Aiven, to discuss their work towards advancing the careers of individuals historically excluded from developer roles and opportunities.

  • Jay Miller

Evangelism vs Advocacy with Colin Loretz

Erin and Brian are joined by Colin Loretz, developer advocate at Discord, to discuss the differences between evangelism and advocacy as a developer relations professional.

  • Colin Loretz

Developer Events with Jon Gottfried

Erin and Brian are joined by Jon Gottfried, co-founder of Major League Hacking and former devrel, about developer events and how to run successful hackathons.

  • Jon Gottfried

Flavors of DevRel with Kevin Whinnery

Erin and Brian are joined by Kevin Whinnery of Deno who'll chat about the six different flavors of developer relations.

  • Kevin Whinnery