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Building an Open-Source Company with Eldad Fux

It’s no small feat to grow a startup from concept to a successful company. We’ve heard the classic story many times. This one is a little different.

When a product is open-sourced, there’s an extra layer of challenge to building a company around it. It’s not only about making something great. It’s a completely different mindset toward adoption, development, engineering, community, and more.

As the founder of AppWrite, Eldad has a deep understanding of this process, along with some insight into overcoming common challenges. Sean, on the other hand, only has a few failed projects to show for his open-source efforts. This combination is sure to be the perfect recipe for a great episode.

Featured Guest

Eldad is an entrepreneur, software architect, open-source enthusiastic, and the creator of Appwrite.

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Sean is a tinkerer and a teacher. He is driven to learn by doing (often failing) and loves passing those learnings onto others who may find them beneficial.