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Why Web Performance Matters with Henri Helvetica

Building a performant website is a job that’s never really done. As websites and web standards evolve, developers must be both mindful and knowledgeable to keep the website performing at its best.

How and why we put it this effort is what Sean and Henri explore in this episode.

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Henri is a developer who has turned his interests to a passionate mix of site performance engineering and pinches of user experience, which led to his joining Catchpoint Systems on the WebPageTest Team. When not reading the deluge of daily research docs and case studies, or profiling sites in his favourite tools, Henri can be found contributing back to the community: Toronto Web Performance Group meetup + Jamstack Toronto organizer, curating conference content or volunteering his time for lunch and learns at various bootcamps. Otherwise, Henri is focusing on running the fastest 5k possible (surprise surprise), encouraging a healthy lifestyle via #devsWhoRun.

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Sean is a tinkerer and a teacher. He is driven to learn by doing (often failing) and loves passing those learnings onto others who may find them beneficial.