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Evangelism vs Advocacy with Colin Loretz

Erin and Brian are joined by Colin Loretz, developer advocate at Discord, to discuss the differences between evangelism and advocacy as a developer relations professional.

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A fan of webhooks, API specs, markdown, and static site generators, Colin loves to teach and explore new technologies. His career has revolved around building, documenting, and, often, breaking API integrations. He is currently a Senior Developer Advocate at Discord. He has a winding journey of starting and building communities online and IRL, such as coworking spaces, conferences, and local meetups. These include Reno Collective Coworking, /dev/reno, Ignite Reno, Startup Weekend, and Hack4Reno. When he’s not in front of a computer, he can be found playing D&D with friends, running, or camping.

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Erin Mikail Staples is a very online individual passionate about facilitating better connections online and off. She’s forever thinking about how we can communicate, educate and elevate others through collaborative experiences.

Currently, Erin builds community and thinks about the philosophy and tooling of the community and developer advocate world. Much of her day is spent empowering individuals to build, foster, and embrace healthy communities. Outside of her day-job, Erin is a comedian, graduate technical advisor, no-code content creator, triathlete, avid reader, and cat parent.

Most importantly, she believes in the power of being unabashedly “into things” and works to help friends, strangers, colleagues, community builders, students, and whoever else might cross her path find their thing.

Brian Rinaldi is a Developer Experience Engineer at LaunchDarkly. Brian has worked for a decade focused on developer community and developer relations at companies like Progress Software and Adobe. Brian has been a developer for over 20 years, working with front-end and back-end technologies mostly focused on the web. He is heavily involved in the community including running developer meetups and events via and serving on the board of and organizing meetups for Orlando Devs. serves as the editor of the Jamstacked newsletter.