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Serverless computing is a cloud computing model that fundamentally shifts the way developers manage and deploy applications. Contrary to its name, “serverless” doesn’t imply the absence of servers, but rather abstracts away the need for managing the underlying server infrastructure. It allows developers to focus on writing and deploying code without concerning themselves with the provisioning, scaling, or maintenance of servers. Often this takes the form of serverless functions, which are event-driven and triggered by events like HTTP requests, database changes, or scheduled tasks.

Serverless architecture encourages the development of smaller, modular functions, which can be independently deployed and scaled. This microservices-like approach can enhance application modularity, scalability, and maintainability. Serverless is well-suited for event-driven, short-lived tasks and applications with varying workloads. Applications that require things like persistent connections or large memory footprints might not be a great fit.

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