Career & Culture

Soft skills are rarely the focus of bootcamps or coursework and are more often acquired through years of experience. Learning to lead, empathize with others, and navigate difficult situations are key to the career progression of any developer. Building these skills can help you craft an environment that you and others enjoy. But you don’t have to do it the hard way! Learn from the speakers in these sessions and take the next step.


Become a Successful Speaker in Tech Events

Oscar Santolalla will share tips and guidance on what makes a great session and how to get started speaking at tech conferences.

  • Oscar Santolalla

The Rise of the Developer Community

Bryan Robinson will explain how ideas around developer community have evolved and how we can best optimize our efforts at building developer communities.

  • Bryan Robinson

Gaming the System

Jessica Cregg explores how we can better organize how remote teams work and collaborate by taking lessons from video games.

  • Jessica Cregg