Better REST through GraphQL

GraphQL can offer a number of benefits over traditional REST, allowing for complex queries that can get only the data you need but also all the data you need. This means you save important bytes by not passing too much data to the client while also getting everything you need in a single query response rather than multiple consecutive API requests. What if you have an existing REST API but want to take advantage of GraphQL? In this session, Alex Patterson will show how you can wrap existing REST APIs in GraphQL to give you the benefits of GraphQL without requiring a major rewrite of existing REST APIs.

Simplifying REST API Usage with GraphQL on Appwrite

An approach for simplifying the usage of REST APIs by utilizing Appwrite’s GraphQL as a Service. GraphQL is a query language for APIs that allows for more flexible and efficient data retrieval compared to traditional REST API calls. By implementing GraphQL on top of a REST API, developers can reduce the number of API calls required to retrieve the data they need, resulting in more efficient and performant applications. In addition, the Appwrite platform provides a suite of services for application development, including authentication, storage, and serverless functions, that can be easily integrated with GraphQL for added functionality. I will demonstrate a simple example of using Appwrite’s GraphQL as a Service and provide guidance on implementing it in your projects.

Alex is the founder of CodingCatDev, where they create “Purrfect Web Tutorials” to teach the world how to turn their development dreams into reality. Alex is a professional full stack developer, and he is passionate about mentoring new developers and helping the community that has allowed him to live his development dreams. Alex firmly believes that anyone can learn to be a developer. The CodingCatDev team is here to help!

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