Build a Virtual Agent in JavaScript

Text and chat have become a very common means of interacting with companies, often via smart chat bots that can handle an array of customer service interactions. Underlying this, though, are a ton of complex technologies. In this free, virtual meetup, Dave Nugent of IBM will explore how to build one of these using JavaScript, Twilio and IBM’s Watson services for natural language processing.

Build a Virtual Agent with JavaScript and Natural Language Processing

Can you create an intelligent chatbot using sentiment analysis and live messaging? We’ll see how using IBM Watson and Twilio.

What will you learn?

What is AI and Natural Language Understanding? How can I build an interactive chatbot? How can I link my chatbot to ML/NLU to make it intelligent? We’ll conclude with an interactive lab where you’ll be able to build your own intelligent chatbot based on our GitHub repo.

Who should attend?

JavaScript developers, AI and language enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to know more about chatbots.

David is a JavaScript developer and enthusiast who runs the ForwardJS conference. By day, he works as a developer advocate - cognitive, data and analytics for IBM. He’s passionate about the open web, open source and donut shops that are open late. You can check out his previous presentations on GitHub and DM any questions to him on Twitter.

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