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Computer Science in Front End Dev: It's For More than Just Interviews

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A common refrain of many disillusioned front end developers is that deeper computer science concepts are useful mostly for interviews and little else. And to some extent, that can be true! However many are underestimating how often the concepts, the tradeoffs, and other associated concepts subtly arise in every day front end development.

During our time together I will present a few computer science concepts like bloom filters, tree traversals, and array sorting explain how these can show up in places you wouldn’t necessarily expect them and how you can leverage these powerful algorithms and data structures to make yourself a better programmer. By the end I hope to show you that these concepts are both worthy of your attention and not so difficult to learn.

Jem Young is an engineer at Netflix who really enjoys working across the stack but his true passion lies in JavaScript and building a clean user experience.

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