Build Commerce Storefronts with Next.js and Composable UI

Composable architectures allow you to combine data from multiple sources into reusable components to build web applications. This way of building sites is especially useful for ecommerce, where you combine product data, user data, inventory, checkout and much more to create a rich online purchasing experience. In this session, David Azoulay and Danny Lake will show how you can use a composable architecture to build a commerce web site using Next.js and Composable UI.

From Concept to Deployment: Building Commerce Storefronts with Composable UI

Spin it up, extend it, make it your own. Get a live tour of Composable UI’s design system, software architecture, and integration patterns and easily create dynamic storefronts with an open source Next.js framework, and leverage the power of React.

David Azoulay is the Director of Product Engineering at Orium. He leverages extensive experience as a software engineer, architect, and consultant to lead the development of products and engage in thought leadership in the composable commerce space.

Danny Lake is a Product Architect at Orium. With 15 years in the tech sector, he works closely with a team of specialist developers to pioneer an accelerator for composable commerce.

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