Demystifying Large Language Models (LLM)

It can be tough to separate the fact from the hype when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLM). LLMs are often portrayed as some kind of magical solution and their capabilities are vastly oversold. In this session, Xe Iaso will cut through the hype to tell you what you need to know about Large Language Models, what they are good for and how to best utilize them.

Function Calling in Large Language Models

The latest hype train in the industry is “AI” and “large language models”. They’ve been sold as the next coming of sliced bread and proponents of them claim that they’re omnipotent beings incapable of fault or something. This is not the case. In my talk, I’ll cut through the hype and cover what large language models actually are and how they work so that you can use them to their best potential.

No math background is required to understand this talk.

Xe Iaso is a technical educator, conference speaker, corporate vtuber, and philosopher that focuses on ways to help make technology easier to understand and do cursed things in the process. Xe lives in Ottawa with their husband and does developer relations professionally. Xe is an avid writer for their blog, where they have over 450 articles. They regularly experiment with new technologies and find ways to mash them up with old technologies for their amusement.

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