Demystifying PWAs

Progressive web apps (PWA) allow for your web apps to have some of the capabilities of mobile apps - like offline availability or the ability to install the app. They have been gaining steam, especially since support on Safari has been improving. In this free online session, Lee Warrick will offer an introduction to PWAs and show you what you need to know to start building one.

Demystifying PWAs

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, “We need a website, an iOS, and an android app! But… we don’t have that many developers…” It’s tough knowing three languages and ecosystems just to get your app in front of all your users. What if there was a better way? Progressive Web Apps could be the solution to your app woes. PWAs are cross-platform, searchable, opt-in apps that can provide native-like experiences using web technology (JS, React, Vue, etc). This talk is going to not only explain what a PWA is, but when you should make one and how to do so easily with your existing skills!

Lee Warrick is a Full-Stack Developer with, organizer of Project Codex: Orlando’s Junior Developer Meetup, Co-Host of the Tech Jr Podcast, and all-around Junior Developer Advocate. Being a career-changer himself, Lee has made it his mission to pay forward all of the help he received as a new developer ten-fold, and improve the lives of new developers in any way he can.

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