A Developer's Guide to Successful Speaking

We often think that good speakers are born, not made. But speaking is a skill, like any skill, that you can learn and improve. Speaking at tech conferences can help further your career. If you’ve always wanted to speak at a tech conference but weren’t sure where to start, this is the session for you. Oscar Santolalla will share tips and guidance on what makes a great session and how to get started speaking at tech conferences.

Become a Successful Speaker in Tech Events

Learn powerful tools to regularly speak at tech conferences and share your best ideas.

Becoming a successful speaker in Tech events will catapult you to achieving your goals. No matter what your job title is, you might need to convince more customers to buy your product, convince more developers to use your software, or convince others about your viewpoints. To convince people not only you must communicate effectively, you must inspire them.

On this session you will learn:

· Success stories from the best speakers in Tech

· Three powerful tools to develop your own communication toolkit

· How to get started speaking in tech events

And, remember: there is a multitude out there waiting to hear your stories.

After a decade and a half in the technology arena, Oscar embarked on a mission to help people in technology companies present better, inspire others, and sell more. He is author of “Rock the Tech Stage” (Apress, 2020) and “Create and Deliver a Killer Product Demo” (Apress, 2018). Oscar helps professionals in the technology industry rediscover the power of sharing their best ideas onstage.

Since 2014, Oscar hosts Time to Shine, the pioneer podcast show in public speaking. He works as a sales engineer at Ubisecure, in which he hosts the podcast “Let’s Talk About Digital Identity” and leads the company’s product training program. He has also contributed as speaking coach in several TEDx events. Oscar lives in Helsinki, Finland.

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