Exploring JavaScript Frameworks

It seems that there are few guarantees in life, but two of them are that the sun will rise in the morning and, with it, will come at least two new JavaScript frameworks. So how is a developer supposed to keep up? How can you tell the contenders from the pretenders? In this free online event, Jen Looper and Holly Schinsky will take a look at some of the more prominent new frameworks to help you decide if they are worth exploring further.

The Point of Vue

In this session you will be introduced to Vue.js, a popular Javascript framework with over 63k stars on GitHub since released in 2014. This introduction will include an examination of how Vue compares to other popular frameworks, an overview of the syntax, supported tooling and libraries to be aware of, and some useful resources to help you get started developing your own apps with Vue.


Preact - Up and Running

Yep, you heard it right, not React, but Preact! Let’s take a look at this small, fast, lightweight JavaScript library that gives you great performance in a small package - about 3.5 kb! Touting itself as ‘closer to the metal’, Preact targets modern browsers to deliver a fast, modern web experience. Let’s dive into Preact, learning how it differs from React and how easy it is to build a web presence with this small, but effective, tool.


Holly is a software engineer at Adobe. In her free time she’s usually found running, driving a carpool or hanging out with her family.

Jen is a Google Developer Expert and a Principal Cloud Developer Advocate Lead at Microsoft with over 20 years’ experience as a web and mobile developer, specializing in creating cross-platform mobile apps. She’s a multilingual multiculturalist with a passion for hardware hacking, mobile apps, Vue.js, machine learning and discovering new things every day. She’s also the founder of Front-End Foxes, an international initiative and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to help women learn front-end technologies.

You can usually find her on Twitter @jenlooper.

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