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Preact - Up and Running

Yep, you heard it right, not React, but Preact! Let’s take a look at this small, fast, lightweight JavaScript library that gives you great performance in a small package - about 3.5 kb! Touting itself as ‘closer to the metal’, Preact targets modern browsers to deliver a fast, modern web experience. Let’s dive into Preact, learning how it differs from React and how easy it is to build a web presence with this small, but effective, tool.


Jen is a Google Developer Expert and a Principal Cloud Developer Advocate Lead at Microsoft with over 20 years’ experience as a web and mobile developer, specializing in creating cross-platform mobile apps. She’s a multilingual multiculturalist with a passion for hardware hacking, mobile apps, Vue.js, machine learning and discovering new things every day. She’s also the founder of Front-End Foxes, an international initiative and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to help women learn front-end technologies.

You can usually find her on Twitter @jenlooper.

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