Going Serverless

Lately the term serverless is everywhere, which naturally makes developers skeptical that it is a marketing buzzword. However, behind the term is a useful concept of tools and architecture that takes the need to worry about servers (if not actual servers themselves) out of the equation. In this free online event, we’ll explore what serverless is, why it is an important new development, and where it will have the most impact.

Serverless JavaScript OMG

Serverless is the new buzzword; which is what we needed - another buzzword. Serverless refers to new technologies that let us, as developers, reframe the way we think about building applications when we don’t have to think about the “server” part. Serverless doesn’t mean “no server”; it just means you don’t have to worry about that piece of your application anymore, and we’ll take a look at why that is a beautiful thing for JavaScript developers.

Multi-Provider Serverless Apps using The Serverless Framework

Serverless Framework has recently introduced support for multiple serverless providers. You can now deploy serverless applications to OpenWhisk, Google Cloud Functions and Azure Functions as well as AWS Lambda. This allows you to develop platform-independent serverless applications. James Thomas has been working on the OpenWhisk implementation. In this talk, he will introduce the new feature, show you how to run serverless applications on different providers and explain the challenges in developing platform-agnostic serverless apps.

Burke Holland is a front-end developer in Nashville, TN, working on the Azure team at Microsoft. Burke blogs only slightly better than he codes but not as good as he talks about himself in the 3rd person.

ames is a Developer Advocate for IBM Bluemix, helping developers build scalable applications on IBM’s cloud platform. Working with the Emerging Technologies division, James has been a leading open-source developer for a JavaScript toolkit before working on the first commercial system for IBM Watson as the UI Technical Lead.

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