Jamstack 101: Using Gatsby with Netlify

Gatsby is the most popular tool for creating Jamstack sites today. It’s popularity is driven in part because it uses React and in part because it has a thriving ecosystem of plugins and learning resources. In this free virtual meetup, Joel Varty will guide you in getting started with Gatsby to create a site using a headless CMS and deploying to Netlify.

Jamstack 101: Using Gatsby and Netlify for Blazing-fast Websites

Gatsby was designed from the ground up to improve the user experience across the web. That means performance, SEO, and accessibility are top of mind. They have implemented many out-of-the-box techniques to give you a leg up on providing the best experience for your users.

  • Gatsby boasts excellent documentation and a number of starters to help you get a site up and running quickly.
  • Gatsby uses GraphQL to build its data layer. That means that Gatsby can collect your data from wherever it may be: Markdown, JSON, your favorite CMS, and third party APIs.
  • Gatsby is more than a boilerplate site generator. It’s built with performance and speed in mind, which is something you can feel in the final product.

What you’ll need to blast off into Jamstack with Gatsby:

  • A terminal window
  • Visual Studio Code (or your favorite code editor)
  • A giant rocket-ship (optional)

Joel is President at Agility CMS, a SaaS headless content management platform that combines flexible and fast Headless architecture with familiar and easy Authoring tools for editors.

Joel has over 20 years of experience in customer relationship management, product management and has embraced cloud technology as a ground-breaking concept over a decade ago.

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