Making Serverless Development Easier

Oftentimes, when trying to build applications using serverless and cloud computing, it can feel like you spend a lot of time creating and managing resources and deployments. This can get rather complex. In this session, Sumit Verma will show how Framework24, a new open source project, aims to make it easy to deploy serverless infrastructure as code.

Streamlining Serverless: Making Development Easier with Framework24

Tired of wrestling with the complexities of serverless development? The open source project Framework24 is here to change the game. In this session, we’ll break down how Framework24 simplifies serverless architecture, cutting through the noise and making your development process smoother and more intuitive. We’ll show you how to get up and running quickly with a live demo, highlighting real-world scenarios where Framework24 shines. Whether you’re new to serverless or a seasoned pro, discover how this tool can make your life easier and your projects more efficient. Let’s take the headache out of serverless development together!

Sumit Verma is a technology leader and co-founder of ten24 and, dedicated to simplifying complex development processes and enhancing serverless adoption. With a deep passion for helping developers succeed, Sumit excels in developing scalable, efficient solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a digital world. Previously, he co-founded and developed Slatwall, a successful e-commerce platform that was later acquired. Outside of his professional achievements, Sumit is an avid sports enthusiast and a devoted Celtics fan.

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