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Adding Serverless Content Moderation to Your Application with Only 3 Simple AWS Tools

In an era where interacting with a range of internet options is routine and new channels, products, and services are released with a snap of fingers, it’s crucial to think about the content you are exposed to, and you expose to others. For the next 10 minutes, we will discuss, at a high level, how to create and integrate a basic serverless architecture for content moderation using only three simple AWS tools: an S3 bucket, an AWS Lambda, and Amazon Rekognition. Learn what Amazon Rekognition is and what this cloud-based computer vision platform can offer to guarantee a safe and great user experience and increase your application’s brand reputation.

Suzana┬áis a junior full-stack developer at Futureverse. She is also an AWS User Group Leader in New Zealand, an AWS Community Builder, and a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner. She is one of the Auckland AWS Tools and Programming meetup organisers and a FullStack Dev Group Auckland NZ and Cloud Native Auckland co-organiser. Suzana graduated as a Full Stack developer in New Zealand after her 40s, having no previous tech background. She also has a bachelor’s in communications and over 20 years of experience in Brazil. Passionate for both areas, Software Development and Communications, she actively uses her skills to increase the number of women, minorities and under-represented groups in tech, help graduates and juniors excel in their careers and support projects focused on the tech community’s growth and enablement.

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