Moving from Native Mobile to Web Development

Getting out of our comfort zones can be scary but often leads to new realizations and inspirations. In this session, TJ VanToll explains the things he learned when he returned to web development after spending years deep in mobile app development.

How Native Mobile Development Changed the Way I Write Web Apps

Web developers tend to be unabashed defenders of the web platform, and tend to view native mobile platforms as proprietary, gated and bloated.

As a long-time web developer I felt this way too, but then something unexpected happened: I joined the dark side, and spent five years of my career working on—gasp—iOS and Android applications.

Now, like an explorer returning from a multi-year safari—I have so much to share! In this talk I’ll discuss how native development has improved the way I write code for the web, and how you can incorporate the best native app performance and testing tips into your web workflows.

TJ VanToll is a front-end developer, author, and a senior developer advocate for Progress who spends his time helping web developers build mobile apps through projects like Cordova and NativeScript.

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