Releasing in Secret with Feature Flags

Modern development workflows have required a crossing of the streams where features that are in development or testing are in the production code stream. Managing who can and cannot see features or rolling them out via canary deploys is a complicated problem. In this session, Kathleen McMahon will show how using feature flags can allow a developer to launch an entire site rebrand in in secret!

Stealth-mode North Star: Rebranding in secret with feature flags

Rebranding a product is nothing new. However! Oftentimes, rebranding a product can be a challenge when a product roadmap is in play. Developers want to get a new visual refresh implemented quickly, yet often don’t know where to begin or how to sync those needs alongside other product goals. This talk will reduce the barrier for developers that want to integrate a brand refresh into a product and retain their teams’ feature and velocity goals.

Kathleen is a software engineer, designer, and conference speaker, who has deep industry experience that fuels her passion for making apps beautifully accessible. Currently a Senior Design Engineer at LaunchDarkly, she’s also a Color Module Specification Editor for the W3C Design Tokens Community Group. In her spare time, she is the Creative Director for the CXsisters network, and the best lanterne rouge cyclocrosser you’ll ever meet.

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