The Ultimate WordPress CI/CD Pipeline

Almost 19 years after it was released, Wordpress continues to dominate, being used on 35% of the most popular 1 million web pages. While there are many companies that will host basic Wordpress blog, if you want to get beyond the basics and build complex solutions with Wordpress, you’ll need to manage the deployment yourself. In this session, Maciek Palmowski will show you the ideal setup for everything from setting up a Wordpress site in Git to deploying it to production.

The Ultimate WordPress CI/CD Pipeline

In this presentation, we’ll see how to deploy WordPress changes automatically and with confidence. We’ll start with picking the best way to store WordPress in Git. Next, we’ll build all the required assets, test our code and deploy it production.

Maciek is a WordPress Ambassador at Buddy passionate about all things related to web development. He is a speaker & organizer of CMS-related events in Poland. After hours, apart from cycling – which he loves - he spends most of his time looking for a cutting–edge (well, ‘interesting’ is enough) news from the CMS world to share with the community of his followers.

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