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Jamstacked Issue 102

Buzzword Bingo for Front-end Devs

Published: Apr 4, 2024

This week I am working on a presentation that I am giving later this month on explaining front-end buzzwords. It started out trying to lay out the differences between Jamstack and composable but then quickly had to dive into a laundry list of other buzzwords used to explain these: headless, pre-rendering, SSG/SSR/CSR/ISR, edge, middleware, islands, etc.

Suffice it to say, we love our jargon and we also love to hate on our jargon (or another favorite pastime, declaring [buzzword] dead). I’m definitely not criticizing the use of buzzwords/jargon – they can be useful shorthands – but it is interesting realizing how completely inundated with it we often are.

– Brian

What’s Good

Introducing the new Next.js Runtime
Netlify had a couple of significant announcements this week. The first is the release of their new Next runtime, which adds full support for the App Router as well as automatic fine-grained caching, on-demand and time-based revalidation and integration with Netlify’s image optimization service. They also announced new framework agnostic platform primitives including support for image CDN, blobs and SWR/ISR/fine-grained cache control on any framework.
Ritesh Kewlani

Sponsor pgEdge Eliminate all those 200ms roundtrips to the database!
Tired of wringing another 2ms of performance out of your front-end when every roundtrip to the database takes 200ms?  Make pgEdge Distributed Postgres part of your JAMStack architecture and deliver fast page loads to all your users, regardless of location. Learn More!

The Framework Field Guide - Fundamentals
A 3-part series that aims to teach you Angular, React and Vue all at once. You’ll learn the framework fundamentals across 16 chapters and it’s completely free.
Unicorn Utterances

Breaking Down Next.js 14
A very detailed guide that focuses on all the changes included in Next.js 14, specifically routing, server components, data fetching, caching, metadata and dynamic image generation.
Eugene Boruhov

Tools, Resources & More

I announced a pair of events. Later this month on April 23, we’ll have a presentation on building composable commerce sites with Next.js and ComposableUI and I posted the first speakers for next month’s Moar Serverless virtual conference happening on May 23.

Happy 4th Birthday, Bridgetown! 4 years ago, Jared White forked Jekyll to create the Bridgetown SSG and he reflects on how things went as he works on v2.

Deno 1.42 adds support for installing and publishing packages to the new JSR package manager.

Zach Leatherman was a guest on Glitch Jams Live Ep. 16 talking about Eleventy and WebC.


Avoiding Hydration Mismatches with useSyncExternalStore
A variety of fixes for the “text content does not match server-rendered HTML” error.
Dominik Dorfmeister

Farewell Pages Directory—Here’s How to Migrate to App Router in Next.js
A guide to migrating your Next.js app from pages to the app router.
Thomas Findlay

Astro DB: Migrating my analytics data from Vercel Postgres
A quick walkthrough of setting up Astro DB, moving data and querying that data.
Thomas Ledoux

Using cookies for displaying dynamic status messages with Astro
A walkthrough on how to work with status messages in Astro using server cookies.
Sean C. Davis