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Jamstacked Issue 103

Catching Up On Cloudflare's Developer Week

Published: Apr 18, 2024

You can be forgiven if you were unable to keep up with the long list of releases from Cloudflare’s latest Developer Week. Cloudflare loves there various weeks, which usually bring a massive list of new products, new features and other announcements. I did my best to cover all the news you need to know as a web and full-stack developer.

– Brian

What’s Good

Cloudflare’s Developer Week
Here’s what you need to know. There were bunch of Pages announcements including support for monorepos, configuration via a wrangler.toml file like Workers, and database integrations with Neon, PlanetScale, Supabase, Turso, Upstash, and Xata. A new C3 CLI that has scaffolding support for frameworks like Astro, Next.js, Nuxt, Qwik, Remix, SolidStart, and SvelteKit with integration for Cloudflare services. Other announcements included: new integration between Cloudflare Workers, D1 and Prisma ORM; a new built-in RPC (Remote Procedure Call) system for Worker-to-Worker and Worker-to-Durable Object communication; and the acquisition of PartyKit, a platform for creating real-time multi-user applications.

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2024 Technology Radar
Notable highlights are Astro being positioned in their “trial” ring, which include newer tools and technologies ThoughtWorks thinks are ready for broad adoption. Edge functions was also ranked as trial. Web components for SSR and the Bun runtime both received an “assess” ranking, which is generally for more cutting edge tools and technologies that they think companies should look at but may be too soon for mass adoption.

React Server Components in a Nutshell
Exploring RSCss using the minimal React framework Waku to gain a better understanding.
Paul Scanlon

Tools, Resources & More

Learn about building composable commerce sites with Next.js and ComposableUI on Tuesday at 1pm ET (UTC -4).

Next.js 14.2 includes a release candidate for local development using Turbopack, Vercel’s Rust-based bundler replacement for Webpack, as well as build, production and caching improvements.

Astro 4.6 adds a manual routing strategy for internationalization (overriding the default i18n routing), the ability to move the dev toolbar and experimental support for CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) protection.

Enhance WASM adds support for server-side rendering Web Components for any backend runtime and includes sample products for Node, Deno, Python, RoR, PHP and Java.

Nhan Lam explains why he created yet another JavaScript framework, TiniJS, a meta framework powered by web components using the Google Lit library.

Simon MacDonald announced JS Naked Day on April 24. No, it’s not some new NSFW kind of conference but a day to remove all JavaScript on your site for that day or try surfing the web with JavaScript disabled.

Hugo v0.125.0 adds a strings.Diff template function, .PageInner render hook, sorting images by luminance and many bug fixes and improvements.


React Based Static Site Generators 2024
Gatsby may have started the trend of React-based SSGs, but other tools now dominate this space. This post lays out most of the options.
Dhairya Dwivedi, Sébastien Morel and Nebojsa Radakovic

Add Search to an Eleventy website with Elasticlunr
Elasticlunr is a lightweight, full-text search engine built in JavaScript.
Duncan McDougall

Using Netlify Edge and Blob Support to Investigate Website Traffic
Ray tries to use an edge function to investigate traffic anomalies on his site.
Raymond Camden

Client Caching in SvelteKit
Exploring various approaches to caching in the client for a SvelteKit app.
Jonathan Gamble