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Jamstacked Issue 55

It's all about rendering

Published: May 11, 2022

Your update on all things Jamstack

#​55 — May 12, 2022
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Rendering, rendering rendering. It seems to be the topic du jour lately. The interesting thing is that the real decision is not about how you render but when you render. As the research paper below points out, there's really no difference in the "how" between static, SSR, ISR/DPR/DSG (aka deferred rendering) and edge rendering.

Ultimately, these are all rendered on a server, just at different points. Static rendering happens during the build, server-side rendering happens on each request and deferred rendering happens at upon first request or at intervals. Edge rendering does add another layer of where the rendering happens, but ultimately it's just SSR with improved proximity to the end user.

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's good

📄  Theoretical Foundations for Server-Side Rendering and Static Rendering
An interesting research paper and proposal regarding rendering. It ultimately concludes that the distinction between pre-rendering (static) and SSR is blurry and proposes an API implementation wherein the framework chooses whether to serve up an existing pre-render or a server-rendered page without the developer needing to specify in advance. Also check Eric's post on what he calls "segmented rendering" to support statically generating pages behind a login.

Eric Burel

A New Era for Cloudflare Pages Builds
Cloudflare had a number of big announcements for their 'Platform Week' including an updated Wrangler and an open source Cloudflare Workers runtime. One of the most relevant announcements for Jamstack developers is the updates to the Cloudflare Pages offering, which now includes significant improvements to the build time.

Shah, Wheeler, and Hands (Cloudflare)

A Cold Start Comparison of AWS Lambda and Cloudflare Workers
A comparison of AWS Lambda, CloudFront Functions and Cloudflare Workers functions around cold start times. The results surprised me a bit in that the average response time wasn’t that different. CloudFront Functions do very well, but are extremely limited in their capabilities by design.

Fatih Baltacı

A Real “Buildless” Modern Web Development Workflow? Oh Yes!
Will we one day be able to create modular applications with components but skip the build step? Jared shows how this is close to becoming a reality with web components and import maps. He shows how you can even do it today with Lit and some polyfills.

Jared White

✂︎ Tools and Resources

❖ Tidbits

What is Jamstack?
On the one hand, we all think we know what Jamstack is. On the other, there seem to be a lot of differing opinions and open questions lately. This is as good a breakdown as I’ve seen lately.

Salma Alam-Naylor

Prerender if You Can Prerender
As the rendering options in SSGs continue to expand, Sean explores how to decide when to pre-render or not.

Sean C Davis

Using Next.js ISR with Serverless Cloud
Serverless’s cloud offering supports Next.js incremental static regeneration (ISR) rendering method. This post walks through how to use it.

Russ Schick

#01: Introducing Static Web Apps
Azure Static Web Apps is Microsoft’s answer to Netlify/Vercel. Leading up to a big announcement on the 19th, they have a whole month of daily tutorials and blog posts around using the service. As of this writing, there are 8 parts posted, which you can access via this post.

Nitya Narasimhan

Thank you for reading. — Brian