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Jamstacked Issue 61

How to engage with the Jamstack community

Published: Aug 3, 2022

Your update on all things Jamstack

#​61 — August 4, 2022
✦ web version

We may endlessly debate its meaning, but Jamstack has had an undeniably strong community from the beginning. In this issue I want to highlight some good opportunities to engage with the community, both virtually or in-person, that are coming up.

Brian Rinaldi

🤝 Jamstack community

Jamstack Community Survey
This survey gathers the opinions of thousands of frontend developers using Jamstack tools. If you want your opinion heard, this is the last week to participate. Results will be shared at Jamstack Conf, and here in the newsletter of course.


Moar Serverless!
Serverless has always played a critical role in Jamstack development. This free virtual conference on August 11 features excellent speakers including Salma Alam-Naylor of Netlify, Gift Egwuenu of Cloudflare, Colby Fayock of Cloudinary and more.


Jamstack Conf
Want to see your fellow Jamstack devs in person? Jamstack Conf will be in San Francisco on November 7-8. Initial speakers have already been announced and tickets are on sale. You can also join virtually for free.


Jamstack Community Discord
This Discord community run by Netlify has thousands of Jamstack developers you can connect with virtually year-round.

↘︎ What's good

Which Generator Builds Markdown the Fastest?
Zach ran a speed test on generating Markdown using the top static site generators and, while Hugo was indisputably the fastest, Eleventy was the fastest JavaScript-based engine. Next.js was the next fastest, but still slower by a significant margin.

Zach Leatherman

Build Your Own Web Framework
This is an interesting look at how one might start building some of the pieces (in simple form) that form the basis of a framework like Next.js.

Lydia Hallie

✂︎ Tools, Resources & More...

❖ Tidbits

Build a FullStack AMA app with Remix, Prisma, PostgreSQL
Given the recent redefining of Jamstack, it seems Remix - though SSR only - qualifies. Remix has a ton of interesting characteristics. If you’d like to learn it, this is an in-depth tutorial using it to build an Ask Me Anything style application.

Foysal Ahamed

Going Wild with Hugo Modules
A look at how the developers at one company adopted Hugo modules for consistency, branding and content reuse.

Jeanne Haskett, Nathalie Laroche & Kimberley Brown

Getting Set Up in SvelteKit
A multi-part SvelteKit tutorial covering how to get started, write layouts, create components and handle data files.

CloudCannon Beginner

Routing in Next.js – How to Set Up Dynamic Routing with Pre-Rendering in Next
A detailed tutorial on how to set up dynamic routing for static paths within a Next.js application.

Matthes Bär

Pagefind is Quite A Find for Site Search
PageFind is a new tool for site search on static sites. Bryce gave it a try after attending HugoConf and was very impressed.

Bryce Wray

Thanks for reading. I'll catch you next time. — Brian