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Jamstacked Issue 89

Netlify's SDK goes GA

Published: Sep 21, 2023

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#​89 — September 21, 2023
✦ web version

Later today (from 11am-5pm ET UTC -4), I will be hosting CodeWord Conf. This is a free, one-day virtual conference all about working with content in code. I'd bet that all of us work with content in our application code, whether it's working with a CMS (headless or otherwise), displaying content, making content accessible, etc. Yet, we rarely talk about this specifically...which is why I created this event. I hope to see you there.

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's Good

Islands & Server Components & Resumability, Oh My!
It’s been known for some time that hydration is an expensive process that also increases JavaScript bundle sizes and Ryan explores the three most promising solutions: islands; server components; and resumability.

Ryan Carniato

v0 to hero
Vercel released v0, which allows you to use prompts to generate copy-and-paste React components built with Tailwind CSS and shadcn/ui. The recent Bytes newsletter gives you all the details.

Tyler McGinnis

Announcing the General Availability of Netlify SDK (Software Development Kit)
Netlify has released a new SDK that supports connectors for any Netlify Connect data source, event handlers for build events, API handlers to call serverless functions during build time and an integration UI. Some portions of the SDK work on all team plans (ex. API handlers) while others require an enterprise plan (Netlify Connect integration). See more discussion on The New Stack.

Jennifer Arguello, Shane Thomas & Cat Allen

✂︎ Tools, Resources & More...


Remix v2
Includes a brand new create-remix CLI experience and rolls up a lot of recent changes but does not include support for React Server Components. V2 is already supported on Vercel.

Michael Jackson

Websites with AWS: Single Page Applications
A look at how to use CloudFront to fix issues with routing that you may encounter trying to host a SPA on S3.

Chris Cook

Fun With Front Matter - Featured Posts
A tutorial on how easy it can be to add support for featured posts on your site via front matter.

Raymond Camden

Thanks for reading. — Brian