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Databases Made Easy

Combining the guarantees of relational databases with modern web and the power of NoSQL

The last 20 years have burned the CAP theorem and a false binary choice between NoSQL or relational databases into developers’ brains. We have always heard that databases have to make a choice; either they focus on correct relational data or they focus on distribution, scale, and speed. Developer experience and the consequent user experience has been an afterthought. Today, new algorithms enable databases that provide consistency, relations, scale, distribution, and speed without sacrificing the developer experience. In this talk, we debunk a number of myths and show how Fauna combines the guarantees of relational databases with the power of NoSQL.

Rob Sutter has woven application development into his entire career, from time in the U.S. Army and U.S. Government to stints with the Big Four and Amazon Web Services. He has started his own company – twice – once providing consulting services and most recently with WorkFone, a software as a service startup that provided virtual digital identities to government clients. Rob loves to build in public with cloud architectures, Node.js or Go, and all things serverless!

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