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Let's automate one more thing

One of the most important parts of the software development life cycle is delivering your software to those who use it. The Jamstack has quite a few paved paths for deploy your site to production, staging, etc., but what about packaging your site for release. GitHub has a made a few updates last year, making it easier to create and communicate compelling, high-quality releases while encouraging collaboration and engagement from the community. Join us in learning how bdougie automates releases for Open Sauced alongside his testing and deployment workflows

Things covered:

  • GitHub Actions
  • GitHub Release UI
  • npm
  • Docker

Brian Douglas is a member of the Developer Relations team at GitHub where he works on increasing use of the GitHub and its API by fostering a community of early adopters through the developer programs. In the past he’s lead Developer Advocacy and Front-end development at Netlify, where he leveraged his knowledge of React and JavaScript to create a deep well of technical content, spearheading efforts towards a public GraphQL API while delivering talks and workshops around the world.

Brian has a passion for open source and loves mentoring new contributors through Open Sauced, a platform for finding your next open source contribution.

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