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Adding a GraphQL backend to your Jamstack app with Fauna

Jamstack apps get your code in front of your users—fast. Fauna does the same for your data!

In this session, you create an account, upload a GraphQL schema, and run your first queries and mutations. It’s GraphQL, the easy way! You’ll also get a link to a free workshop where you build a complete app using Next.js, GraphQL, and Fauna.

Rob Sutter has woven application development into his entire career, from time in the U.S. Army and U.S. Government to stints with the Big Four and Amazon Web Services. He has started his own company – twice – once providing consulting services and most recently with WorkFone, a software as a service startup that provided virtual digital identities to government clients. Rob loves to build in public with cloud architectures, Node.js or Go, and all things serverless!

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