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Hassle-free internationalization with Eleventy 2.0 and Netlify

2023 is the year of the personal website!

Let’s take this a step further, and offer our content in all the languages we speak.

Soon, we’ll stumble upon the terms “Internationalization” and “Localization”. Where is the difference? And what does the accept-language header do? How should we organize the languages in our project anyway? And what do we have to consider in terms of accessibility?

I figured it out! I’ll also explain how we can build a multilingual static site using Netlify and Eleventy 2.0 and its new bundled i18n plugin.

Lene is a Berlin born, Madrid based front-end developer and designer who has been building for the web professionally since 2008. She loves creating personalized web experiences that are fast, secure, accessible and sustainable. Also: websites should be fun!

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