Jamstack, web development, serverless and more!

Edge functions? Islands architecture? New frameworks? There’s so many new things to learn in front-end web development and Jamstack. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Why Join?

Ideas and Inspiration

Ideas and inspiration

Join well-known developers from around the world to explore how modern web applications are built. Bring cutting-edge techniques back to your team.

Ideas and Inspiration

Exciting Programming

Hear from the Jamstack experts from Netlify, Microsoft, Cloudinary, and more to come. Take part in live Q&As and Discord groups.

Ideas and Inspiration

Amazing Quality and FITC have been leaders in hosting online conferences that combine live learning with great networking opportunities. Expect top-end production values and content you can trust.

Ideas and Inspiration

A Sense of Community

This is a time to make new friends and connect with people you never knew you missed! Relax, share, mix and mingle with like-minded folks throughout the web development community.

All talks will be recorded

All the presentations will be recorded for your viewing pleasure after the event, so don’t sweat it if you have to dip out for a bit. You’ll be able to view the content 24/7 well after the conference closes.

A CFE & FITC Joint Event



We’ve got another amazing lineup of web development, JavaScript, serverless and Jamstack experts!

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Register 2023 has already passed, but you can watch the recordings on YouTube.

Schedule will feature 2 full days of sessions in a single track format. Complete session and schedule details to be announced soon!

All times listed are US Eastern Time (GMT -5).

Wednesday January, 25

  1. SSR Web Components

    Simon MacDonald
  2. Thursday January, 26

  1. Day 2 Opening

    Brian Rinaldi

Code of Conduct

Attendees of are expected to abide by the Certified Fresh Events code of conduct. If you encounter any violations, please contact an event support staff person on-site, email or call (857) 919-7630.