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Developing Stateful Serverless Workflows using Azure Durable Functions

In this session you will learn the fundamental concepts you need to know in getting started and developing serverless functions with Azure Durable Functions, the extension of Azure Functions that enables developers and cloud engineers create stateful workflows in serverless environments while improving developer productivity by focusing on delivering functionality without worrying about maintaining the cloud infrastructure.

Get a technical glimpse of the different known durable functions application patterns that can help solve some complex problems in real world scenarios. In this session, you will see a few examples of the different patterns like function chaining with integration with other Azure service like Azure Storage, Azure Service Bus, SendGrid and external APIs using C# .NET

Jonah Andersson is a Filipina-Swedish full-stack Software Engineer, Azure Developer and Microsoft MVP for Azure in Sweden.

She works as an Enterprise Software Engineer Consultant at Forefront Consulting. She is also the founder and community leader of Azure User Group Sweden. Jonah studied Computer Science, Agile System Development in .NET and Java, which makes her very passionate about tech. She likes solving challenging problems, programming back-end and has great interest in developing in .NET with new cloud technologies in Microsoft Azure. She believes in continuous learning and collaboration with developers. She shares technical knowledge at work and to tech communities through public speaking, blogging and by mentoring others. Jonah is currently writing her first technical book Learning Microsoft Azure and is also passionate about making a difference by advocating gender equality, diversity and inclusion in tech.

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