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The Past, Present and Future of the Jamstack (Fireside Chat)

How did the concept of the Jamstack evolve from static pages? Where are we today and what can we expect from the Jamstack in the near future? Tom Preston-Werner - the creator of Jekyll, which popularized the concept of static site generators, and RedwoodJS, a new full-stack Jamstack framework - shares his insights.

Tom Preston-Werner is a software developer, inventor, and entrepreneur living and working in San Francisco. He is currently the cofounder and Chief Product Officer of Chatterbug, the best way to learn a foreign language online. He’s also building RedwoodJS, a full-stack JavaScript web framework for the Jamstack. Prior to these, Tom cofounded GitHub in 2008, where he served as CEO and helped grow it into the world’s most popular code collaboration tool. On the side, Tom is an angel investor and philanthropist, with an investment thesis focused on fighting climate change. In his spare time, Tom enjoys flying helicopters, snowboarding, and chasing his three young children around the house while making dinosaur noises.

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