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The State of Modern Ecommerce

Modern ecommerce is complicated. Let’s unpack it a bit. This session will touch on:

  • Monolithic vs. Jamstack vs. headless
  • Increasing fragmentation of e-comm. functionality
  • Increasing offering in e-comm. solutions (new categories)
  • Picking your e-comm. stack

François builds, learns, and laughs in beautiful Québec City. He’s CEO at Snipcart, an e-commerce solution for developers. He’s also a board member and mentor at Apollo13, a startup program he helped launch. A marketer by trade, he was responsible for building Snipcart’s initial growth machine, which runs on good content, community, and SEO. His writing has been featured on Indie Hackers, The Startup, freeCodeCamp, Baremetrics, and more publications. Since joining Snipcart, he gave startup and e-commerce presentations in 14+ events all over the world (Canada, USA, France, Ireland). He worked remotely from half a dozen different countries in his first years on the market.

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