Recordings tagged continuous integration


Using Images and Containers Responsibly

Melissa McKay will explore the different tools available for packaging software into containers and how to use them efficiently and securely.

  • Melissa McKay

The Ultimate WordPress CI/CD Pipeline

Maciek Palmowski will show you the ideal setup for everything from setting up a Wordpress site in Git to deploying it to production

  • Maciek Palmowski

Let's automate one more thing is a 2-day virtual conference focused on building real-world applications using the Jamstack.

  • Brian Douglas

How We Built Qovery

Learn the lessons of building a developer platform from Romaric Philogène. He'll share how he and his team built Qovery, both from a technical and business sense.

  • Romaric Philogène

Getting Traction with GitHub Actions

Brian Douglas walks through how you can leverage action packed workflows to supercharge your repos on GitHub by building them with containers to run arbitrary code, run CI, and even automate portions of your developer workflow.