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What The Federated Content? with Bryan Robinson

The modern website has become an art of composition. It’s a rarity that a website will only pull content from a single source these days.

This has become such a common occurrence that we’ve seen various tools arrive on scene to address the challenges inherent in composable content. Both Bryan’s and Sean’s companies (Hygraph and Stackbit) are working on the problem, and in very different ways.

This episode will begin with an introduction to composable (or federated) content, before diving deep into challenges, proposed solutions, and inspiration for taking advantage of this relatively new pattern.

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Bryan has been building websites, communities, and relationships for the past 15 years. He’s created hand-crafted websites ranging from large-scale news sites to boutique sites for small businesses. He’s built local communities of practice and online communities centered around products. He loves sharing knowledge in whatever form – meetups, conferences, articles, videos, and quick chats.

Currently, Bryan is exploring the highs and lows of community building as a Senior Developer Advocate at – a product for community builders and developer advocates to measure and create healthy, vibrant communities.

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Sean is a tinkerer and a teacher. He is driven to learn by doing (often failing) and loves passing those learnings onto others who may find them beneficial.