Dealing with Perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome & Anxiety

Imposter syndrome, anxiety and perfectionism are not issues that only face people working in tech, but they do seem to inordinately affect people working in tech at some time or another in their careers. In this session, Jo Franchetti discusses how to spot these patterns in yourself and offers strategies to deal with them.

Perfectionism, Impostor Syndrome and Anxiety - Understanding your fears and learning to be kind to yourself

Working in the tech industry can sometimes make us feel inferior. It is easy to start believing that everyone knows more, or finds the work easier. When we’re surrounded by so many intelligent people, how can we not start to judge ourselves against them and our work against theirs? Impostor syndrome - the belief that you don’t deserve to be where you are, and perfectionism - a need to work to impossibly high standards, are exhausting. Learn how to spot these destructive thought patterns in yourself, how to manage anxiety and procrastination and how to start being kinder to yourself.

Jo is a Developer Advocate at Ably Realtime who is passionate about VR, Web Bluetooth, PWAs and great CSS. She’s got 6 years experience as a web developer and has worked in various parts of the tech industry from startups, agencies, charities to large organizations. She is also mentor and organizer at where she is able to action her passion not only for teaching good use of the web but also for improving the diversity and inclusivity of the tech industry.

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