Introduction to Redis for Data

Redis was named Most Loved Database in Stack Overflow’s developer survey for each of the last four years. In this virtual meetup, Simon Prickett will explore what Redis is, why developers like it so much, and when to use its unique capabilities.

Introducing Redis, the Database that Developers Love!

Often thought of as a cache, there’s so much more to Redis. Simon Prickett will show you how to add Redis to your stack to improve performance, synchronize communications between distributed systems and even save you from writing lots of code.

We’ll look at concrete use cases written in Python, JavaScript (Node.js) and Java. This introductory session is suitable for coders of all levels.

We will walk through:

  • An overview of the Redis data model
  • Connecting microservices together with queues
  • Counting unique items
  • Caching data for performance
  • Full text search and secondary indexing

Simon Prickett is a Senior Curriculum Engineer at Redis Labs, responsible for Redis University’s online training courses. Previously, he’s worked as a software architect in the power, food, logistics, entertainment and law enforcement industries. Simon loves helping people learn about tech. He also enjoys creating gadgets that mix hardware with software, and regularly blogs and publishes videos about his latest Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Alexa projects. Simon is partial to Aeropress coffee and never misses an opportunity to say hi to new dogs.

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