JAMstack FTW

JAMstack is a web application architecture that has been gaining traction lately. It combines the use of static site generators, JavaScript and APIs and services to create a decoupled site architecture that can improve performance and security. In this free, virtual meetup, Gift Egwuenu will walk through the benefits of JAMstack and show how to create JAMstack sites using Gridsome.

Jamstack FTW- Static Site Generation With Gridsome

The Jamstack is the new way of building modern web applications and has evolved over the years. In this session, I’ll give an introduction to Gridsome, A static site generator with Vue.js. How we can leverage the Jamstack in building awesome websites with Gridsome also gives the audience a view on what they can achieve with Gridsome. So that by the end of this talk, attendees will understand how to build a website using Gridsome, and all the possibilities they can leverage by using Jamstack to build blazing-fast websites with better performance and great security.

Gift Egwuenu is a frontend engineer and technical writer based in Lagos, Nigeria. She is passionate about making the web accessible to everyone and also an advocate for building open-source projects and she enjoys solving complex problems using web technologies. She is also passionate about building communities which led her to start the Vue Vixens chapter in Nigeria and the JAMstack community in Lagos. She is also a co-organizer for Concatenate Conference.

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