Demystifying Machine Learning

Of all the new technologies impacting developers today, machine learning has been probably the most immediately impactful. Already it is changing the way we use data to do things like predict how customers will behave or when machines may need repair. It is not an exaggeration to say that developers who understand how to leverage machine learning will become indispensable to companies in the near future.

In this free event, Paige Bailey of Microsoft and Nick Walsh of Datmo will explain the basics of machine learning and artificial intelligence - what it is and why we should care - and even walk through how to build an application based upon machine learning.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

It feels like everyone is talking about AI these days – and what’s worse, everyone seems to have a different term for it! “Deep Learning”, “Machine Learning”, “Artificial Intelligence”: what do they all mean, really? Are the concerns about ethical algorithms and automation of jobs grounded in fact, or are they overhyped? And what language will SkyNet be implemented in? (My money’s on JavaScript.)

In this session we’ll answer those questions – and walk through what machine learning really is: how to build a model by ingesting data, training on it, testing, and then deploying to production. We’ll also discuss which tools are primarily used by data scientists; how much math is really required to run predictive models; and some strategies you can use today to incorporate artificial intelligence into your applications.

Paige Bailey

Paige Bailey

Paige Bailey is a Sr. Cloud Developer Advocate specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Paige’s education was focused on the earth sciences (geophysics, carbonate geology) and computer science (data analytics); and her previous work experience was geared toward data science and plug-in development for the energy industry. Technical skills: Python (10 years) and R (4 years), with 2 years’ experience building data science products using Hadoop and its associated dongles (especially Spark).

When Paige is not sitting in front of glowing rectangular screens at work, she absolutely adores hiking / kayaking / mountain-biking around Texas’ glorious Green Belt; resuscitating Apple ][s; and (poorly!) attempting to play bass guitar. Personal passions are sustainable energy and climate change research; STEM education reform; and empowering local governments via data science.


Creating an Art-making Twitter Bot with Machine Learning

Twitter Bots are a great interface for ingesting data and doing awesome things programmatically. In this workshop, we’ll go through how to use Python and tweepy to parse tweets targeted at our bot account. Our bot will grab the images from the tweets, and use a neural network to apply a style transfer effect that will automatically respond to the sender.

Participants can expect to leave the workshop with an understanding of how Twitter bots are architected, and boilerplate code which they can use going forward to modify for their own use cases.

Nick Walsh

Nick Walsh

Nick Walsh is a Developer Evangelist at Datmo, where he works to empower machine learning and artificial intelligence developers through the creation of novel workflow tools. He can often be seen at hackathons across the US, where he supports the student developer community through his work with Major League Hacking. Previously at Wolfram Research working on the Cloud Development Platform, Nick continues to foster his passion for solving problems with data and giving back to communities that helped him grow as a developer