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Building SaaS applications can often require some fairly complex orchestration of services to handle the entitlements and business logic within a multi-tenant application. Step functions provide a valuable tool for managing this orchestration and simplifying your application architecture. 4 AWS experts will cover everything you need to know about using step functions on AWS to handle a variety of use cases within a SaaS application.

SaaS Orchestration with AWS Step Functions

We’ll have 4 lightning talks covering a wide array of uses for step functions within a SaaS application.

SaaS Fundamentals for Orchestration

Speaker: Bill Tarr

SaaS is more than just an application. It includes concepts and practices like Control Planes, Frictionless Onboarding, Configuration Management, and DevOps practices. In this section, we’ll identify these building blocks, and consider what orchestration means and where it may fit into our SaaS solutions.

Using Step Functions to Achieve Lambda-less AppSync for SaaS

Speaker: Jason Wadsworth

As a builder of SaaS software, do you find yourself looking at AppSync direct integrations with a bit of jealousy? I’ll talk about how you can use Step Functions directly integrated with AppSync to access DynamoDB without the need for a Lambda function, all while maintaining tenant data isolation.

Step Functions to Coordinate Tasks

Speaker: Andres Moreno

When you offer software as a service you’ll need a strategy to import your clients data to continue operations. Andres will go over an approach to migrate data using Step Functions to coordinate different tasks allowing scale to reduce processing times while also getting the necessary visibility to track workflow.

User Onboarding with Step Functions

Speaker: Seth Geoghegan

User onboarding is a core concern of any SaaS solution. In this section, we’ll discuss how Nerdy leverages AWS Step Functions to deliver a robust and fully automated onboarding experience.

From software builder to designer, Bill has 20+ years of experience shaping best-in-class SaaS technology strategies for organizations from startup to enterprise. He’s also an AWS SaaS community leader and producer of the Building SaaS on AWS show on, frequent public speaker with experience at top tier AWS events such as re:Invent, and publisher of SaaS best practices on the AWS partner blog.

Jason is a career problem solver, serverless lover, AWS Community Builder, and SaaS enthusiast. He loves to talk about SaaS and how to build solutions on AWS. He is also a collector of LEGO, with sets showing his nerdy side, like his many Star Wars sets, to his love for architecture, like his current build of the Colosseum.

Andres is a principal software engineer at Tyler Technologies with over a decade of experience. He’s a skilled AWS serverless engineer and has spent time as an AWS Community Builder. Andres writes in-depth technical content on his blog where he shares his insights on serverless, CI/CD and cloud security.

Seth Geoghegan is a software developer with a passion for learning and sharing what he knows with the community. Seth has over 20 years experience in software development, operations, architecture and everything in between. In the past several years, he has been focused on serverless application architectures and implementations. Seth is an avid runner, cyclist, photographer, gardener and is working towards perfecting his hommade pizza recipe.

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