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Create CMS-editable pages with no client-side JS or frameworks

In modern development, there are so many great tools for developing websites, but often they are more than what’s necessary for a given project. In this lightning talk, we’ll explore how to take a humble HTML page and make its content editable in a CMS with no frameworks and no client-side JavaScript.

Our final product will be a website that only contains HTML. That’s right, no CSS, no JS. Just pure markup! We’ll explore how to create a build process to fetch data from a third-party API, run it through a templating engine, and finish with a lovely set of semantic HTML that any browser could love.

Bryan is an educator by nature and a designer by code. He loves sharing knowledge in whatever form. He’s created hand-crafted websites his entire career ranging from large-scale news sites to boutique sites for small businesses.

Currently, Bryan is a Developer Relations Specialist at where he focuses on creating guides, documentation, and resources to help the developer community create properly structured content and amazing frontends.

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